Our service

One-stop Production

To ensure high quality, we completed the division of labor, regardless of production cost.

In order to ensure high quality, we expanded our staff. We hired more than 100 employees in Taiwan to ensure high-efficiency service.

Our division of labor is clear. From manufacturing to painting, packaging and transportation, we have dedicated personnel in charge. In addition, we are the first company with professional retouch & repair department in Taiwan.

We even don't hesitate to use environment-friendly water-based paint and flax fiberboard, even it cost more. To protect the environment and ensure your health is our are our responsbility.

Complete Departments

We respect everyone's profession, let all colleagues play their expertise in suitable positions, avoid letting them handle affairs across different fields, maintain the efficiency and quality.

Production Quality

We are the only fire-proof door manufacturer using automated equipment in Taiwan, avoid human error, keep quality stable.
Urgent orders and numerous orders can be completed quickly.


Manual production causes quality unstable, couldn't afford numerous orders or urgent orders. 

Painting Quality

Owning paint production line to ensure delivery procedures smooth, also able to develop painting technique, constantly research and improve.


Engage outsourced painting workers, difficult to control quality and delivery procedures.

Retouch & Repair

We have more than 20 workers with clear division of labor. They all have professional technique, able to complete the works within the deadline, so you don't need to worry about the delivery schedule.


On average, there are only 1-3 workers to handle the repair works, and usually are not specialize in retouch and repair. They have multiple jobs to do,  so it's difficult to maintain high quality.

Worker's Ability

Able to evaluate the conditions of the construction site, and actively provide professional advice to the owner.


Due to lack of manpower, they usually are unable to closely understand the situation of the cases and make effective suggestions.

Customer Care

We used to conduct an in-depth review after we finish our works. After the case is closed, we will inquire about customer's satisfaction, and evaluate our work performance.


Insufficient manpower makes it difficult to effectively review the shortcomings and make improvements.


We use flax fiberboard to constitute the door, which is friendly to the environment and doesn't harm human health. The solid structure makes the fireproof performance more perfect.


Most manufacturers use mineral wool, which is harmful to the respiratory tract and skin. Due to the long-term using and collision, mineral wool is easy to fall down to the bottom of the door, and greatly reduces the fireproof function.

Paint Technique

Regardless of the cost, we use environment-friendly water-based, which does not contain formaldehyde and organic solvents, to ensuring users' health and safety.


Some manufacturers use low-priced oil paint that contains formaldehyde and organic solvents, which is harmful to human health.

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